Ever sat down and stated thinking about your life;started thinking about everything you have ever believed in because all of a sudden you are questioning everything you ever knew.

You start wondering whether the people you call your friends really are your friends or are they just people you share common interests with.Did that guy genuinely smile at you because its a really sunny and bright day or could he just be the next serial killer out on the look for his next prey?Do you trust a certain someone that you are going to tell them something and they will keep it to themselves or will they just go on blabbering to every tom dick and harry?

I guess it all boils down to trust;Who to trust,who not to,who to laugh with,who to cry with.The twenties can be a very confusing time for any young person.Its when we are all so high and drunk on life we literally act on whims..At least i do. 10 year long Friendships end in seconds.Relationships are killed by just a single word.People become unprepared parents in just minutes.Rarely will we stop and think

Okay,the words am about to utter  are they gonna hurt those i love or are they gonna cost me friendships.Am i gonna regret them as soon as they come out of my mouth.if i do this instead of that will there be consequences

We are so much governed by impulsive actions that we never even realize the magnitude and damage of our actions.And in all of this craziness you are bound to experience difficulties in knowing whom exactly  to trust.Some of us have trust issues.heck most of us do.I haven’t come across anyone who will just believe and completely accept anything that you tell them.So we will over analyze everyone and anything because our brains are trying to come up with logical explanations as to why you should actually let person A or person B be worthy of your trust.But as i have learned over time is that some things need no logic.You struggle to bring logic into something you end up missing out and losing track of that actual thing.

Bottomline remains that someone somewhere is bound to break your trust….. with  reasons of course.Forgiving them is always the best option because you cant obviously cling to that all your life.Because aside from what its been said,it is actually possible to earn someone’s trust.Albeit painstakingly.All you can do is just take time and be careful with who to trust and as usual expect less from people that way Disappointments will be so much more bearable and less as well.