Happy Birthday Sister! 

Four days after I turned three, my mother brought home a tiny, red, little thing wrapped up in blankets ; my first sister. Looking back, now I wonder if I really ever had a third birthday party. Mama must have been so tired with the pregnancy she surely wouldn’t have had the energy to hold a party for an over energetic 3 year old. Perhaps she had even hoped her second child would arrive on the same day as the first, this would definitely make it easier holding two parties instead of one in future. Her arrival four days later must have made her so happy such that for the next couple of years she held our birthdays on the 17th of July, dressed us in similar outfits, bought two cakes, decorated them herself and called our family and friends to come celebrate.

I was in baby class at the time and although my memories are vague, I remember letting everyone know that I had gotten a new sister. My class teacher probably excused all of my behavior that week due to the excitement I had. I wanted a sibling so bad that I already had one in my head. You know like what Americans refer to as imaginary friend, well mine was an imaginary sister. My father speaks of one time while he was walking me to school earlier that year and I started pointing at some lady and told him that that was my sister. 😂😂 He told my mother and they laughed so much, perhaps with the knowledge that in a few months I’d have the sister I so craved. I would get home and I would first ask to see the baby, sometimes even I’d be allowed to hold her under the careful scrutiny of my mother lest I forget I was holding a baby and pounce immediately going to play with my friends. I was such a cartoon back then, still am, albeit to much saner levels. 🙂

It’s been 20 years since that cold July day and here we are, all grown up. I like the young women we’ve grown to become. Of course we stopped celebrating our birthdays together ages ago, no one wanted matching clothes anymore 😂. We’re four now but somehow my mother will still find ways of buying similar outfits for the four of us where possible, or two for the eldest and two for the youngest.

Here’s to the first two years we were the only kids before beryl came along. We were each others first sister so here’s to that 🎉 Here’s to all the years we’ve had together; to all the ups and downs, to all the laughs, tears and the amazing moments we’ve had. Here’s to always being friends here’s to never letting go of our sisterhood even long after we’ve left mama’s house.
I LOVE YOU ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Swizzy’s Emergency EP : A music Review


Eldoret raised and based in Nairobi, Swizzy is a raw cut above the edge. A law student, dreamer and a wordsmith, he travails under the stable Pakawa Music and he’s set out to revolutionize the Kenyan Rap Scene – check out pakawamusic.com-
Earlier this month, he released The Emergency EP, a follow up to his debut The “Sheng’speare Mixtape”, released in March 2015. The debut project contained the stoner anthem Harambee and a hilarious rant-like skit among other lyrical gems.
The Emergency EP, however, was a last minute release in place of FLYMBOYANT: THE EXIT PLAN, as I learnt from his producer, O.G. Due to inevitable circumstances (they got robbed of the hard drive containing FLYMBYOANT tracks in this oh so gracious Nairobi), they had to resort to the demo tracks they had earlier recorded to constitute the Emergency EP, thus honouring the release date as billed.
Containing performances in French, Sheng and sporadic English undertones, the EP features appearances from Trabolee, another lyrical tyrant and O.G. the producer.
Not to worry though, Pakawa Music assures me that FLYMBOYANT, the rightful sophomore to “Shengspeare Mixtape” is slated for release in early 2016. FLYMBOYANT promises nothing but rap that will be sure to blow you out in awe.  Swizzy is working overtime to churn this one out before the end of his  law studies at UoN Parklands. Expect growth both in content and production.

Be sure to check out Swizzy’s music on pakawamusic .com and soundcloud.com/naitwaswizzy.
Twitter + IG :  @NaitwaSwizzy

Sleep well, cousin.


Perhaps it is because he was just 29. Perhaps it is because the stitches on his wife from the C-section are not yet healed; so much so that with every cry she feels like they are cutting her stomach open once again. Perhaps it is because the twins will never know what it is to have a father ;lots of uncles and grandfathers and cousins maybe ;but never a father. Perhaps it is because the twins are barely three Weeks. Couldn’t God have waited a bit till he raised the girls for even one year? They’ll bear his name but will never see him. Perhaps it is because we now know that it was Tuberculosis that ate him up for maybe even more than a year. And that his death was imminent regardless due to how much it had spread in his body. Perhaps it is the way his brother broke down when he saw him, finally realizing he had lost his best friend. Perhaps it’s the fact that we all know we’re on the same journey, only that God brought his to an end before all of us. And that through all the tears, the fainting, the sorrow, the sadness, the million questions, God will bring us all to a place of peace.

Koma thayu, Francis Ndung’u Mwaura.
May your Candle shine on forever.

Lets get this baby back on its feet!

Heey All.
So today I finally decided to dig up this piece of me in the virtual  world and would you believe its been almost 7 months since I last posted here.How time flies.

I wont even hide beneath the veneer of Writer’s block because I dont even know what it is.Maybe I was just too lazy.Maybe I havent been sad enough to get my creative juices flowing.Maybe I just got tired of blogging.Maybe  blogging isnt meant for me.

Maybe im just a girl who thinks she can write.Maybe my muse left me.Maybe this was a good decision which you wake up the  following day and realize just how much you fooled yourself into thinking it was a good one.You know,like a one night stand which you regret the following day.

I could go on and list all sorts of maybes to try justify why I havent made a single post in the last couple of months but then again  I guess you dont really need justification for being who you are and what you do or not do.
Cant run away from who you are as well.So here I am.Promised myself I wouldnt let this end up like my last blog.Lets get this baby back on its feet.
Post coming right up
🙂 🙂



Ever sat down and stated thinking about your life;started thinking about everything you have ever believed in because all of a sudden you are questioning everything you ever knew.

You start wondering whether the people you call your friends really are your friends or are they just people you share common interests with.Did that guy genuinely smile at you because its a really sunny and bright day or could he just be the next serial killer out on the look for his next prey?Do you trust a certain someone that you are going to tell them something and they will keep it to themselves or will they just go on blabbering to every tom dick and harry?

I guess it all boils down to trust;Who to trust,who not to,who to laugh with,who to cry with.The twenties can be a very confusing time for any young person.Its when we are all so high and drunk on life we literally act on whims..At least i do. 10 year long Friendships end in seconds.Relationships are killed by just a single word.People become unprepared parents in just minutes.Rarely will we stop and think

Okay,the words am about to utter  are they gonna hurt those i love or are they gonna cost me friendships.Am i gonna regret them as soon as they come out of my mouth.if i do this instead of that will there be consequences

We are so much governed by impulsive actions that we never even realize the magnitude and damage of our actions.And in all of this craziness you are bound to experience difficulties in knowing whom exactly  to trust.Some of us have trust issues.heck most of us do.I haven’t come across anyone who will just believe and completely accept anything that you tell them.So we will over analyze everyone and anything because our brains are trying to come up with logical explanations as to why you should actually let person A or person B be worthy of your trust.But as i have learned over time is that some things need no logic.You struggle to bring logic into something you end up missing out and losing track of that actual thing.

Bottomline remains that someone somewhere is bound to break your trust….. with  reasons of course.Forgiving them is always the best option because you cant obviously cling to that all your life.Because aside from what its been said,it is actually possible to earn someone’s trust.Albeit painstakingly.All you can do is just take time and be careful with who to trust and as usual expect less from people that way Disappointments will be so much more bearable and less as well.

10 Signs You Have No Life

I best most of us can relate with this at some point in their lives

Thought Catalog

1. You sleep in a bed with your laptop and a pile of books and magazines. Nothing says “I’m not getting laid as much as I’d like” than a bunch of crap taking the place of where another human body should be. “Um, this area is reserved for my celibacy. Please stay away. Thank you…”

2. When someone asks you what you’ve been up to, you blank out and try to remember if anything noteworthy has occurred in the last, oh I don’t know, six months. You think real hard and then come up with nothing. “I don’t do anything fun,” you tell them sheepishly. “Nothing’s changed. I’m sorry. I wish I had something exciting to tell you…”

3. Your idea of a fun time is ignoring people’s phone calls and going on the internet instead. “I wonder if I can find a life on this $1,500 box I bought…

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Just Some time away from the world

Its a starless night so far.Yeah something about the stars that makes the night more magical,dont you think so?Am seated at my spot.Yes,I have my own spot.i like to think of it as my cocoon,a safe place where i can retreat to and be alone.I like my solitude,and in such a small campus like ours,solitude is a luxury not many will afford.
There are times you just wanna be alone,listen to your thoughts,observe,and just literally enjoy your own company.

And so on the days i can afford to;
on the days i have no CATS breathing fire on my neck as i struggle to revise,on days i feel like i need a break from me,
i will take blankie and go keep myself warm as i sit on my own at my spot.Now blankie is my grey,kinda fluffy,lightweight blanket.its one of my treasured possessions coz it was a gift from my mommy.As such Blankie is fangible property.(Yes fangible.which is a term i learnt from my property theory class.I do concentrate:-))Look at me getting all carried away as i talk of blankie.We sure have had our memories with blankie.


Where was I?
Ah yes. The spot is actually just an old washdown bench.Am assuming it used to be blue back in the day since all its other counterparts are,but due to constant years of being a hangout joint it gradually managed to revert to its cement-gray colour.During the day groups of campus guys will hunch around here and sit and watch the girls as they walk to classes and make comments about them and laugh about it all.its quite a vantage point because its almost next to the gate.so them “hungry” guys will sit there and feast their eyes if it suits them.They literally Gossip.Yes i said it even guys do gossip.Its weird right?

so during the day my Solitude retreat is totally the opposite of what it is to me at night.its funny that even while i sit there alone sometimes i’ll imagine im hearing the kind of conversations that were going on here during the day

Waah waah waah.manze that mama is fly have you guys seen her   

Guy one will comment as guy two jumps up and exclaims

Did you people see what she was wearing jana.You Guy!That chick can gerrit

And they’ll all laugh and continue dissecting the next girl walking by,waaaay better than they could ever dissect organisms during Biology lessons.

The wind around here at night is a bit harsh.My two-day flu notwithstanding,will have me and my running nose braving the cold. I feel them goosebumps but somehow i remain rooted here as i let myself soak in and let my solitude creep in.I can stay here till the parking lot is empty.as every other person has gone home.once in awhile the guards will walk by and just pass i think theyre used to seeing me by now.One of them always says hi.And im sure in his head he wonders what a girl like me could be doing in the shadows at night.

A few of my classmates will pass by after being in the library for the past two or so hours.I envy them…Just a tiny lil bit,that they have used their time gaining knowledge while I on the other hand,has been sitting in solitude trying to understand the ways of the universe;trying to unferstand myself.