Her Mother’s daughter

She was only 13 when it started
Her entry into womanhood
The threshhold that separated girls from women
She thought it was something to celebrate about
Afterall now  all the taunts heralded by her girlfriends
would come to an abrupt end.

Little did she know that that was only but the beginning
Of all her woes

Now Look at what you have done to me

Ma would lament

Dont you know that now no one can touch you

She didnt know the identity of who that


Ma even shed tears
that she actually thought she’d committed a crime
Exactly which one she didnt understand

Not until Uncle John started creeping into her room
in the stealth of the night
While Ma laboured the Night shift at the company
He’d force himself on her
whispering hoarse words intended to drive away the fear in her eyes
then have his way with her
on the thinly mattress she slept on
He would proceed to take away all her innocence
Grunting like an overfed pig
Then leave a Hundred shillings note on the table

Buy yourself something nice dear

He’d blabber with a crooked grin

She could not tell Ma
How could she even begin
Maybe this was the crime afterall
But for How long was Uncle John going to carry on
Poor little teenager
She didnt even know what was happening to her belly
Till Ma,one day while spying on her as she showered
Banged open the Door and started raining blows on her

See,i told you you ungrateful girl

And the slaps were coming in all directions
Destined for her little body

Ma didnt even realize that she was kicking her
only when she suddenly went numb and the cries stopped
And the crimson red trickled down her thighs
did she suddenly realize that
She had killed her only child
the fruit of her womb
whose only mistake
had been to have the very same
teenage story as hers
But who could blame her
She had indeed turned out to be