Kenya at 50 tingz

Hey Lovelies!!

!Its been a minute..hasn’t it?Oh well been away for a while now. blogger’s block?

Naah i’m not so sure but like the human being we are all designed to be excuses are everyone’s getaway for not doing that which they ought to have been doing.

So, school’s been hectic exams and all.The University of Nairobi surely thought it fit for us to have our exams from 9th to the 21st of this month.How Genius of them!And the Kenya at 50 celebrations on the 12th of this month which is actually tomorrow just had to be sooo important that our President declared the 13th of December to be a holiday too.I mean who doesn’t need an extra day for celebrating 50 years of independence half of which have amounted to very little development in the country.

but hey its a free country right?

Now don’t get me wrong ordinarily i would have been a very happy girl for the addition of an extra holiday but this time around i was supposed to be sitting for my administrative law paper on that very 13th of December.But as it is now i have that paper pushed till Tuesday the following week which eventually makes the whole of next week a living hell; four papers, four days, back to back.


But isn’t that what education is?can never get it easy,can we?something about the seeds of education being bitter blahblahblah……….

Its already midweek and the weekend starts as of Thursday.I,  for one will be having my nose into those humongous Law books all weekend while the rest of the city parties and makes merry because hey,Kenya is Fifty yo.Happy 50th Birthday Land of milk and honey(well…not  quite literally)

Also Happy Birthday to one of my very good Friends Miss Damaris Mumbua.As she turns an year older,may we continue to find laughter even in the silliest of things.Btw Hizo kuku za sikukuu zianze kukuja 🙂 Whats better than having your birthday on the same day as Jamhuri day

Have a lovely loooong weekend everyone .Don’t be thrifty.Celebrate Kenya at Fifty!(.see what i did there?)