Happy Birthday Sister! 

Four days after I turned three, my mother brought home a tiny, red, little thing wrapped up in blankets ; my first sister. Looking back, now I wonder if I really ever had a third birthday party. Mama must have been so tired with the pregnancy she surely wouldn’t have had the energy to hold a party for an over energetic 3 year old. Perhaps she had even hoped her second child would arrive on the same day as the first, this would definitely make it easier holding two parties instead of one in future. Her arrival four days later must have made her so happy such that for the next couple of years she held our birthdays on the 17th of July, dressed us in similar outfits, bought two cakes, decorated them herself and called our family and friends to come celebrate.

I was in baby class at the time and although my memories are vague, I remember letting everyone know that I had gotten a new sister. My class teacher probably excused all of my behavior that week due to the excitement I had. I wanted a sibling so bad that I already had one in my head. You know like what Americans refer to as imaginary friend, well mine was an imaginary sister. My father speaks of one time while he was walking me to school earlier that year and I started pointing at some lady and told him that that was my sister. 😂😂 He told my mother and they laughed so much, perhaps with the knowledge that in a few months I’d have the sister I so craved. I would get home and I would first ask to see the baby, sometimes even I’d be allowed to hold her under the careful scrutiny of my mother lest I forget I was holding a baby and pounce immediately going to play with my friends. I was such a cartoon back then, still am, albeit to much saner levels. 🙂

It’s been 20 years since that cold July day and here we are, all grown up. I like the young women we’ve grown to become. Of course we stopped celebrating our birthdays together ages ago, no one wanted matching clothes anymore 😂. We’re four now but somehow my mother will still find ways of buying similar outfits for the four of us where possible, or two for the eldest and two for the youngest.

Here’s to the first two years we were the only kids before beryl came along. We were each others first sister so here’s to that 🎉 Here’s to all the years we’ve had together; to all the ups and downs, to all the laughs, tears and the amazing moments we’ve had. Here’s to always being friends here’s to never letting go of our sisterhood even long after we’ve left mama’s house.
I LOVE YOU ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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