Swizzy’s Emergency EP : A music Review


Eldoret raised and based in Nairobi, Swizzy is a raw cut above the edge. A law student, dreamer and a wordsmith, he travails under the stable Pakawa Music and he’s set out to revolutionize the Kenyan Rap Scene – check out pakawamusic.com-
Earlier this month, he released The Emergency EP, a follow up to his debut The “Sheng’speare Mixtape”, released in March 2015. The debut project contained the stoner anthem Harambee and a hilarious rant-like skit among other lyrical gems.
The Emergency EP, however, was a last minute release in place of FLYMBOYANT: THE EXIT PLAN, as I learnt from his producer, O.G. Due to inevitable circumstances (they got robbed of the hard drive containing FLYMBYOANT tracks in this oh so gracious Nairobi), they had to resort to the demo tracks they had earlier recorded to constitute the Emergency EP, thus honouring the release date as billed.
Containing performances in French, Sheng and sporadic English undertones, the EP features appearances from Trabolee, another lyrical tyrant and O.G. the producer.
Not to worry though, Pakawa Music assures me that FLYMBOYANT, the rightful sophomore to “Shengspeare Mixtape” is slated for release in early 2016. FLYMBOYANT promises nothing but rap that will be sure to blow you out in awe.  Swizzy is working overtime to churn this one out before the end of his  law studies at UoN Parklands. Expect growth both in content and production.

Be sure to check out Swizzy’s music on pakawamusic .com and soundcloud.com/naitwaswizzy.
Twitter + IG :  @NaitwaSwizzy