Sleep well, cousin.


Perhaps it is because he was just 29. Perhaps it is because the stitches on his wife from the C-section are not yet healed; so much so that with every cry she feels like they are cutting her stomach open once again. Perhaps it is because the twins will never know what it is to have a father ;lots of uncles and grandfathers and cousins maybe ;but never a father. Perhaps it is because the twins are barely three Weeks. Couldn’t God have waited a bit till he raised the girls for even one year? They’ll bear his name but will never see him. Perhaps it is because we now know that it was Tuberculosis that ate him up for maybe even more than a year. And that his death was imminent regardless due to how much it had spread in his body. Perhaps it is the way his brother broke down when he saw him, finally realizing he had lost his best friend. Perhaps it’s the fact that we all know we’re on the same journey, only that God brought his to an end before all of us. And that through all the tears, the fainting, the sorrow, the sadness, the million questions, God will bring us all to a place of peace.

Koma thayu, Francis Ndung’u Mwaura.
May your Candle shine on forever.


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