Lets get this baby back on its feet!

Heey All.
So today I finally decided to dig up this piece of me in the virtual  world and would you believe its been almost 7 months since I last posted here.How time flies.

I wont even hide beneath the veneer of Writer’s block because I dont even know what it is.Maybe I was just too lazy.Maybe I havent been sad enough to get my creative juices flowing.Maybe I just got tired of blogging.Maybe  blogging isnt meant for me.

Maybe im just a girl who thinks she can write.Maybe my muse left me.Maybe this was a good decision which you wake up the  following day and realize just how much you fooled yourself into thinking it was a good one.You know,like a one night stand which you regret the following day.

I could go on and list all sorts of maybes to try justify why I havent made a single post in the last couple of months but then again  I guess you dont really need justification for being who you are and what you do or not do.
Cant run away from who you are as well.So here I am.Promised myself I wouldnt let this end up like my last blog.Lets get this baby back on its feet.
Post coming right up
🙂 🙂