Just Some time away from the world

Its a starless night so far.Yeah something about the stars that makes the night more magical,dont you think so?Am seated at my spot.Yes,I have my own spot.i like to think of it as my cocoon,a safe place where i can retreat to and be alone.I like my solitude,and in such a small campus like ours,solitude is a luxury not many will afford.
There are times you just wanna be alone,listen to your thoughts,observe,and just literally enjoy your own company.

And so on the days i can afford to;
on the days i have no CATS breathing fire on my neck as i struggle to revise,on days i feel like i need a break from me,
i will take blankie and go keep myself warm as i sit on my own at my spot.Now blankie is my grey,kinda fluffy,lightweight blanket.its one of my treasured possessions coz it was a gift from my mommy.As such Blankie is fangible property.(Yes fangible.which is a term i learnt from my property theory class.I do concentrate:-))Look at me getting all carried away as i talk of blankie.We sure have had our memories with blankie.


Where was I?
Ah yes. The spot is actually just an old washdown bench.Am assuming it used to be blue back in the day since all its other counterparts are,but due to constant years of being a hangout joint it gradually managed to revert to its cement-gray colour.During the day groups of campus guys will hunch around here and sit and watch the girls as they walk to classes and make comments about them and laugh about it all.its quite a vantage point because its almost next to the gate.so them “hungry” guys will sit there and feast their eyes if it suits them.They literally Gossip.Yes i said it even guys do gossip.Its weird right?

so during the day my Solitude retreat is totally the opposite of what it is to me at night.its funny that even while i sit there alone sometimes i’ll imagine im hearing the kind of conversations that were going on here during the day

Waah waah waah.manze that mama is fly have you guys seen her   

Guy one will comment as guy two jumps up and exclaims

Did you people see what she was wearing jana.You Guy!That chick can gerrit

And they’ll all laugh and continue dissecting the next girl walking by,waaaay better than they could ever dissect organisms during Biology lessons.

The wind around here at night is a bit harsh.My two-day flu notwithstanding,will have me and my running nose braving the cold. I feel them goosebumps but somehow i remain rooted here as i let myself soak in and let my solitude creep in.I can stay here till the parking lot is empty.as every other person has gone home.once in awhile the guards will walk by and just pass i think theyre used to seeing me by now.One of them always says hi.And im sure in his head he wonders what a girl like me could be doing in the shadows at night.

A few of my classmates will pass by after being in the library for the past two or so hours.I envy them…Just a tiny lil bit,that they have used their time gaining knowledge while I on the other hand,has been sitting in solitude trying to understand the ways of the universe;trying to unferstand myself.

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