When Shit gets real

This past week has been quite tough on me.hectic doesnt even begin to describe it.Assignments left right  and centre,a Continuous Assesment
Test  on Monday,rumours of another one on Wednesday gave me a sleepless Tuesday night as i struggled to read for it,not to mention the workload from the rest of the other units im taking this semester.

One thing they never told us about Lawschool was that aside from the hundreds of cases we gotta read there is so much groundwork to be covered that means making the library your bestfriend.(well not literally but yes.personally i find the library too quiet for me it kinda makes me listen to my own thoughts which can be quite scary at times.)

Now before we go further you have to understand the dynamics of my class.im in the regular class which in campus translates to the Cleverer lot as opposed to  the Parallel class.The regular class is thought to be “brighter” because as such,the Joint Admissions Board admitted us to Law School by virtue of the good grades we attained in our KCSE. So quite literally everyone’s clever in our class.Now the problem with such a class is that everyone wants to show how bright they are and that they know everything.No one wants to show that a lecturer has given a lecture for 3hrs and left them feeling like the dumbest person on earth.
During my first semester i remember thinking to myself how every other person was clever and understanding all that jargon used in law school.i’d wonder to myself just how foolish was i because half the time i was struggling to grasp concepts which eluded me but every other person seemed to be fairing on well.That was until we did exams and the results came back and i realized that every other person was like me.Of course we didnt all score the same grades but i realized that hiding behind that veneer of intelligence,there was still that fear about failure and not understanding every other thing we were taught.

My first year in campus was quite laidback.I didnt know pressure.And now in my second year of study things are becoming harder and this is where the real deal is.The pressure is immense like you have no idea.This is supposed to be the hardest year of study and i am already feeling its effects.i bet everybody else is but they dare not act like they are feeling the strain.Its gonna be a long 2nd year of study i still cant believe that the whole of 2014 i’ll still be a sophomore in college.Blame the.University of Nairobi’s long holidays.I will resign to the fact eventually because clearly this  Shit has become real.

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