New Beginnings

Funny how time goes by so fast that often we’re caught in a  whirlwind of our own lives and when the dust settles it takes a moment for you to remember just who you are exactly.I’m writing this post waay past midnight,to be precise its actually seven minutes past three o’clock and the amount of insomnia belabouring me is so huge you cannot even imagine.

A lots been going on in my life of late and i promise to share it all with everybody and i figure why not start a new blog.i used to blog a while back but i kinda lost my commitment to my old blog and its lying somewhere in the technological word forgotten and abandoned.So much water has passed under the bridge and my new blog is something i am vowing to make constant in my life.I have so much energy ad i literally cant wait my thoughts to flow past this inaugural post.They’ll be sad days, gloomy days, happy days,nervous days,those-i-hate-the-world days,why-me days and many other kinds of days but all in all i will do y best to detail each and every single part of my not-so-glamorous life.

I feel like this calls for a celebration*pops open imaginary champagne*i mean here i  am doing this and i feel so good about it.i will admit i actually am proud of myself.Here’s to closing old chapters of my never-ending story and opening brand new ones.Here’s to new beginnings!CHEERS!



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